“Use deodorant and cease smelling like rotten goat” – Actor, Frederick Leonard lashes out at film crew

Frederick Leonard lashes

In style Nollywood actor and filmmaker, Frederick Leonard, has taken to social media to sort out film crew members with offensive physique odor.

Frederick lamented bitterly about their poor hygiene and implored them to make use of deodorant and cease smelling like “rotten goat” on set.

He said this in settlement along with his colleague, Victor Okpalan, who additionally inspired the crew members to make use of deodorants or roll-on to cut back their physique odour.

 Frederick Leonard lashes

Based on Frederick, everybody on set, each forged and crew, ought to use deodorants and mint going ahead to fight physique and mouth odour since their work requires them to face for hours.

The 42-year-old actor wrote,

“Any Human being That Has A FUNCTIONING BRAIN ???? Wether Forged or Crew, ought to Use Deodorants. And contact up Once more by 5. pm so that you don’t start to odor like rotten Goat ???? For a Occupation that requires that we’re Continually on our Toes for at least 14 hours, COMMON SENSE SHOULD APPLY.. And Let’s not Neglect Mint or Gum to Battle Mouth Odor. Thank You.”

See his submit under,

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