Man who deserted his spouse for an additional lady and returned after 15 years, leaves her once more and looted all she labored for

Man who abandoned

A Twitter person, recognized as @hannahmuktar, has taken to the micro-blogging platform to relate how a person deserted his spouse and 4 kids for an additional lady.

He ultimately returned dwelling after 15 years with nothing, and was welcomed with opened arms by his spouse who even shared an affidavit in church to thank God for restoring their marriage.

Shockingly, the person ran off once more after 5 years and stole every thing she had labored laborious for.

Man who abandoned

@hannahmuktar tweeted,

“This lady’s husband eloped with one other lady leaving her with 4kids to carter for, the final little one was barely a 12 months when he left. We knew her in church as the lady whose husband left her for an additional lady, 15years later this man got here again a pauper and the lady obtained him with arms stretched huge, no accountability, no nothing, the final little one he left was already finished with secondary college and man simply appeared from no the place.

She gave testimony in church and stored blaming every thing on the enemy, the person stood apart from her and mentioned nothing

The church together with the pastor mentioned it was the handiwork of the enemy and all. He requested them each to kneel on the alter and mentioned we must always pray for them, so appalling yeah??? Effectively 5years after his return, he has looted every thing she’s labored for and ran off once more. Masha Allah.”

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