Igbo Is Third Largest Ethnic Group In Bioko, Equatorial Guinea

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Igbo is third largest ethnic group in Bioko, Equatorial Guinea. Most of their descendants moved from Arochukwu, Abia State. They still speak Igbo language till date.


Ndi Igbo call the country “Panya”.


Most of them emigrated to Bioko during the Spanish exploitation plantation in the 19th century and have settled there forever.

Populations: 33,500
Rank: 3rd largest


Equatorial Guinea is located at the Eastern end of the Gulf of Guinea, West coast of Africa, the only African Country situated in the middle of the ocean, outside African map separated by water, the only Spanish speaking. Among the tribes are the Igbo people who also inhabit South Eastern Nigeria, off the Bight of Biafra, the Bubi and Fang ethnic groups and among other tribes.


The Igbo as officially declared by the government of Equatorial Guinea is third largest after Fang and Bubi tribes, and occupies a small area in Bioko, their communities are small compared to Bubi and Fang. Majority of them migrated to Bioko from Arochukwu Abia state.

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