“Having solely ladies and looking for a boy little one may cause a girl extreme psychological sickness” – Actress, Chacha Eke’s husband, Austin Faani warns

“Having only girls and searching for a boy child can cause a woman severe mental illness” – Actress, Chacha Eke’s husband, Austin Faani warns

Nigerian filmmaker, Austin Faani, has said that having solely feminine kids and being unable to have male kids might be fairly miserable for a girl.

Faani, who’s married to actress Chacha Eke, opined that on the lookout for a male little one may cause extreme psychological sickness in ladies, so there’s a critical want for sensitization.

He urged Nigeria’s Ministry of Ladies Affairs to develop methods to teach ladies on the need of staying optimistic even when they’re unable to conceive a male little one.

“Having solely feminine kids & looking for a male little one may cause a girl extreme psychological sickness in Nigeria. Nigeria’s Ministry of girls affairs ought to discover methods to sensitize these ladies. An info reduction of type, remedy could also be for each the person and the girl. Shalom.” He wrote.

“Everybody suffers one factor or one other, some are broke, some are sick, some are childless and so forth. I shared an assertion on ladies with solely feminine kids in Nigeria. These ladies must be re-educated {that a} male or feminine little one is an equal blessing from God for a particular objective and never the aim of their(ignorant ladies) emotional attachment to the gender. I’ve a personal ideology about feminine kids that I can share with you.

Which is; “Feminine kids have extra emotional transaction with their mother and father than the male kids and if you develop outdated, what you want most is emotional transaction not monetary transaction. You possibly can handle your self at outdated age should you make the suitable choice in your youth. Nigerian ladies must be taught quite a bit simply as they’re taught to all the time pray.” He added.

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