“Entitlement is one other refined type of witchcraft” – Actor Uti Nwachukwu

"Entitlement is another subtle form of witchcraft" - Actor Uti Nwachukwu

Nigerian actor and media persona, Uti Nwachukwu has taken to Twitter to name out folks with an enormous sense of entitlement.

In a sequence of tweets, Uti tackled these vulnerable to resenting others who refuse to provide them what they need.

In accordance with him, nobody owes anybody something, and folks ought to abandon any notion that makes them detest different folks for refusing to provide them what they can not obtain.

He wrote;

“Entitlement is one other refined type of witchcraft. Shun it at the moment! “Oh he’s so wealthy but 1 Naira by no means attain my hand” “With that huge home she will’t even give me one room” “See all that meals, them no supply me” “Why can he use his cash to assist the needy” ITS THE AUDACITY FOR ME
1. You’re in no place to depend anyones cash for them-NO ONE OWES U SH$T 2. You can not inform an Grownup methods to spend the cash they earned-EVEN IF U PAID THEM, ITS THEIR CHOICE! 3. You possibly can’t dictate to folks methods to dwell and/run their lives – U AINT GOD! 4. If there’s no consent
Perish the thought that encourages you to HATE one other human being as a result of they refused to provide u what you your self can not earn.
Abi you guys like to make use of faith to justify your methods on this area?
Didn’t Jesus say It’s extra blessed to GIVE than RECEIVE? So why are u now obsessive about being on the receiving finish? U no like blessings for your self? FYI Simply becos somebody says NO to U, doesn’t imply they ain’t giving it to another person and reaping their blessings. So if u like, de Decide de go.
This additionally applies to Favours, alternatives, Love Languages, peoples time, and so forth. He who expects from others, has chosen a lifetime of disappointment and despair. Let each good deed come as a shock as a substitute and happiness won’t elude you. That is additionally a ‘Observe to self’ second.”

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