BBNaija: Friendship on the rocks as Amaka, Phyna battle

What are the opportunities to really have a full scale contention while attempting to make a bond? It appears to be the odds are good that huge with regards to the BBNaija Level Up Housemates.


Amaka and Phyna had somewhat of an energy over the course of the end of the week yet it appears to be the connection between the two is briefly lost. They had somewhat of a column in the early hours of the day while attempting to have a holding meeting. Bizarre right?


While chilling in the Lounge, Phyna asked Amaka who she was going to please with her activities in the House. To improve Amaka comprehend the inquiry, Phyna told Amaka she would satisfy the watchers since they will Vote for her. Amaka then again addressed that she might want to satisfy both her kindred Housemates and the watchers. This response, sadly, didn’t agree with Phyna who let Amaka know that she can’t pick Housemates since they will not be faithful to her. This prompted a contention between the two who talked as loud as possible.


Amaka contended that Phyna ought to quit guiding others and ought to permit her to act naturally. The battle continued with Phyna calling her a nark and this prompted Amaka dropping receipts about Phyna saying she was prepared to bring her flat mates down.


Moreover, Amaka called Phyna thin after the last option had called her a rodent to which Amaka said she was unable to be a rodent since she is fat. Amaka’s remark drove Phyna to blame her for body disgracing.


Despite the fact that Bryann and Beauty mediated, the two continued to squabble at one another.


During their exercise meeting in the nursery, Amaka had a tirade meeting with Kess and Daniella saying she won’t ever be scared by anybody. She reviewed the fight saying she didn’t realize Phyna would take what she said serious and finished up Phyna was on a mission to utilize her to sparkle.

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